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A Prelude to Perfection’


‘A Prelude to Perfection’

Despite these challenging times and with the cloud of uncertainty looming large over the little heads of our grade 10 and 12 students, the JSS International School is very happy and proud that their students have advanced academically and today’s results are just a reflection of that upward trend in their performance.

Kudos to Keerthana Nair in particular for not only beating the past ICSE record of the school but also topping the UAE with a whopping 99.2% with 4 centums out of 5 subjects and a 96/100 in the 5th subject. This is indeed a dream result!

 “It’s a very encouraging result by God’s grace! A year of focused hard work has finally paid off. I am thankful to my Principal, teachers, and parents who have supported me throughout this journey.

This year the overall ICSE grade average is 93.22 %, an increase by 3.42 % as compared to last year’s 89.8 %.UAE’s highest average

ISC closely followed with a grade average of 87.6 %, an increase of 1.4 % as compared to last year’s 86.2 %.

Congratulations also to our ISC Science topper Gayathri Girish who scored a 96.5 % and our Commerce topper Gauri Parvathi at 96.25 %

“I am so thankful for the hard work and dedication of our ever-supportive management leaders, teachers, parents, and students. It takes everyone working together in harmony to move our students forward. My heartiest congratulations to this entire team.” said Ms. Lata Nakra, Principal of JSS International School