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Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for a touch of a friendly hand… This was what JSSIS carnival was all about !!!December saw the exuberant celebration and a fun filled day on the grounds of JSS International School through their special decennial year carnival held on 6th December 2019.The carnival which was organized by the school was open to the public . Numerous games stalls, art and craft corner, jewellery and kurti stalls were set up along with an aromatic food court which showcased the cooking expertise. The stage was set on fire by performances of students, parents and teachers. Grade 1 kids dance performances showcasing different countries was a treat to the eyes. Parents too added fervor and excitement by clapping loudly and cheering. The bouncy castle was another attraction. Middle and senior students under the guidance of the teachers managed the stalls efficiently. The crowd was enthusiastic about the participation for the On the Spot question rounds. The evening also saw many winners walking away with prizes from the raffle draws. The curtains fell to this celebration with the bumper draw. Once again a great example of active participation, dedication and coordination by the JSSIS family.With everyone enjoying as one big family, the funfair was another feather in the cap of JSS International School. The bright faces and happy smiles were ample proof that the JSSIS Winter Carnival was a grand success.