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Father’s Day Celebrations in Kindergarten


Father’sDay is a celebration honoring fathers and celebratingfatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Allchildren were twinning it with their father’s and in the father’s absence, withtheir mothers. The event took off with a yoga session as Father’s Day coincidedwith International Yoga Day and what better way to release stress than doingyoga. This was followed by the children singing along a song praising dads.Then the children along with their fathers played an exciting game of musicalchairs. The most enjoyable activity was of drawing daddy’s face on the balloonand then applying shaving foam and shaving it off with a popsicle, the childrenwere thrilled to do this with their beloved fathers. The dynamic event concludedwith all children making a beautiful card expressing their love towards theirfather.It was a memorable event which the fathers and children will cherishfor their lifetime.