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Hindi Pakhwada 2020


Enthusiastic youngparticipants from our school passionately participated where each admirablyrendered a very spirited performance. Students were accompanied by the Head ofDepartment  for Hindi, Ms.Sana  Suleman and Ms Megha, primary teacher.

The 15 students of JSSInternational school participated in all the following categories with a lot ofzeal and enthusiasm.

*     *     *     *     We are proud to mentionthat our kids excelled in  Hindi quiz ,Speechand Best Handwriting .

·       ·       ·       Ria Anne of VII A  clinched the third prize for Best Handwriting .

Our students showcasedskills of a proficient speaker and succeeded in setting high standards for the otherstudents.

JSSIS participantsemerged successful and the talent was acknowledged by all. The competition wasa delightful experience for everyone as they won laurels for the schoolexhibiting a lot of talent and spoke volumes about the standards of our school.

The winners andparticipants are soon going to receive certificates and trophies and wasannounced that Ms Sana Suleman will be awarded with a Certificate ofAppreciation for her efforts this year also.

Congratulations to allwinners, participants of Hindi Utsav.

Weare grateful for the support and cooperation extended by the school managementin promoting Hindi as a language at JSSIS.