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Siddhart Vohra is a senior presenter, host of breakfast show,develops contents and ideas for various events and programmes at Arabian RadioNetwork, City 101.6.

His charisma & charm paved the way for his successful careeras a radio presenter. His penchant is to interact and communicate with the largercommunity. His excellent communication skills, strong voice, wit and bountifuldynamic energy are indeed inspiring and motivating.

 He has lived in variouscities in India before moving to Dubai. He has studied in prestigious St.Columbus school in Delhi and interestingly enough a mechanical engineer.

An avid enthusiast with a keen desire to connect to the worldwith his magical words, he has carved a successful career as radio presenter,voice over narrator and an actor.

After graduation, he moved to Kolkata and jumpstarted his careerwith 93.5 Red FM and after 3 years he shifted his base to Delhi to host at 94.3radio one Delhi. He has been enthralling and captivating Dubai listeners since2010 with city 101.6.


On behalf of JSSIS, parents are cordiallyinvited to attend the JSS TALKS event on 22nd November, 2016 at12.30 pm in the school auditorium.

As part of the vision of JSS talks, we inviteparents who are interested in sharing their successful life journeys andexperiences to inspire, motivate and lead the young minds of JSSIS.

If you are interested in conducting a session inthe future or if you know anyone interested, please contact Ms. Sarika Gupta(head of inclusion and guidance counselling) at: