It is a well established fact that self esteem is determined by how successful we are in accomplishing tasks or reaching pals we value. It is therefore incumbent on the institution to provide adequate opportunities to succeed. The school therefore offers a well balanced and broad curriculum with emphasis on creativity and excellence through various extra curricular and sports activities.

Students can participate in any of the activities of their choice and undertake a journey of self exploration and discovery to identify the activity or skill that they best enjoy and wish to train and excel in. We therefore create and sustain a culture of achievement in the campus that evokes high levels of self esteem in students.

The challenging tasks given to the students through various co-curricular activities which are integrated with curricular subjects will help them to have an in-depth knowledge about the subjects, to gain self awareness, self confidence, self discipline, to improve self esteem, to think and do things creatively and relate what they have learnt, to real life situations.

The School endeavours to give students a sound education and inculcate in them confidence/ self-reliance and the spirit of sportsmanship through Physical and Health education. School offers opportunities to students to get trained and excel in various sports and games such as Athletics, Squash, Cricket, Swimming, Basket Ball, Chess, Foot Ball, Yoga, Volley Ball, Table tennis.

Educational trips and excursions also form a part of the academic calendar.

At JSS International School we strongly believe that co-curricular and extra curricular activities are as important as academic activities. A round-the-year activity plan ensures the over all physical and mental development of the student.