School Clubs & JSS Enrich

School Clubs :

To nurture the latent talents of students and provide an avenue to channelize the same, there are a host of clubs in the school. The active Clubs are Literary Club, Science Club, Civic Club, Mathematics Club, Fine Arts Club, Library Club, Nature Club, Adventure Club and Sports Club. These clubs are active throughout the academic year and aid in inculcating key values.

JSS Enrich :

We at JSSIS believe in empowering children with cognitive and essential life skills, there by preparing them to face the manifold challenges that are part and parcel of life. Our school strives for uniqueness, fosters creativity and promotes the concept of instilling confidence by providing holistic education. Introduction of JEP(JSS Enrichment Programme) is one such step in that direction.

The School endeavours to give students a sound education and inculcate in them confidence, self-reliance and the spirit of sportsmanship through Physical and Health education. School offers opportunities to students to get trained and excel in various streams such as sports, games and club activities.

Students can participate in any of the activities of their choice and undertake a journey of self exploration and discovery to identify the activity or skill that they best enjoy and wish to train and excel in. We therefore create and sustain a culture of achievement in the campus that evokes high levels of self esteem in students.