Senior Secondary ( 11-12)

Subjects offered for the ISC (Classes XI and XII)

Choice of Subjects:

All candidates for the Pass Certificate must enter and sit for English (compulsory), with three, four or five elective subjects and must have been evaluated internally by the School and secured a Pass grade in Socially Useful Productive Work and Community Service (compulsory).

Students must choose and be accepted into one of three streams – Science, Commerce or Humanities. English is the compulsory subject and the other subjects are the elective subjects. The students are required to select at least four elective subjects. JSSIS provides a wide range of options for the students of grade 11.


1. English (Compulsory)

2. Commerce

3. Accounts

4. Mathematics

5. Economics / Computer Science / Art


1. English (Compulsory)

2. History

3. Sociology

4. Psychology

5. Economics / Art


1. English (Compulsory)

2. Physics

3. Chemistry

4. Mathematics/ Psychology

5. Biology / Economics / Computer Science / Art