We are committed to offering our students a safe, reliable and professional transport service.

“Transportation service is a privilege, not a right.” Students must adhere to all JSS International School rules to maintain this service.

The school transportation would be managed directly by the school as per the RTA specified rules and regulations.

School Transportation Guidelines to Parents

1. An 'Identity Card’ is issued to each student.  It is mandatory for students to carry ID cards daily and at all time in school.

2. Students are expected to be on time at the designated pick up point to keep the bus schedule running smoothly.

3. The assigned buses pick up and drop point cannot be changed without prior approval.

4. Students must return home by the assigned bus in which they come to school or assigned by the school transport authority.

5. Parents shall take their children to the school bus or the bus stop on time. In case of delay they shall be liable for transporting their children to school without the driver bearing any liability.

6. Students shall preserve the cleanliness of the bus and shall notify the school principal or the parents if the driver or any other student violates the rules during the trip.

7. The bus driver will not wait for any child/nor the bus conductor would give an alert/missed call to who is late beyond the designated pick up time.

8. It is obligatory for the parent to be personally present or to arrange for an authorized person to receive the student at the residence or drop off point, on the following conditions:

            a) While dropping off the Kindergarten students during the first trip, if any parent or the authorized person is not available the student will be brought back to the school.  The transport representative will contact the parent and confirm whether an adult will be available if the student is brought in the afternoon trip.  If so, the first student will be sent along with the other students in the afternoon trip.  Otherwise the parent has to collect the student from the school.

            b) If the older students are to be dropped without the presence of an adult, parent should sign a consent form accordingly.

9. If on rare occasions, parents want to collect their wards normally travelling by bus, they should do so before 11:00 am after meeting / informing the Supervisor & Transport officer respectively. They should not collect their children from the bus parking area without prior approval.

10. Parents shall help educate their children on the importance of traffic and bus safety and   how to safely wait and board the school bus.

11. Parents are advised to check on the availability of the school bus service before they move to a new locality.

12. Parents shall notify the school transport /principal via mail of any violation or neglect by driver.

13. The school will not be responsible for the loss of any items left behind in a bus. However parents can check for their belonging in lost and found section at school.

14. The school transportation policy outlines the behavior in the bus that is expected of students. The school principals have the right to prohibit any student from the school transport service in the following cases:

             a) If a student is the reason for delaying the trip for more than 3 times during on academic year.

             b) If the student violates any of the safety conditions and exposes others to risk during the ride.

             c) If the student refuses to board the bus from the students’ bus point agreed upon earlier with the School Principal.

             d) If a student leaves the bus before reaching his/her designated destination without prior permission.

             e) If a student continues causing disturbance and more than three written complaints are filed against him/her during one school year.

             f) A general lack of respect for the co-passengers.

IMPORTANT: Kindly do not handover any money to bus monitors to purchase books, uniforms or for payment of fees. It is prohibited and school holds no responsibility for such act of Payment.



  • Parents are expected to be with their children until the gates are open.
  • Students should arrive on time to school.
  • Parents are strictly not permitted to escort their children to the classroom.
  • Parents are advised to park their vehicle in the designated area. They should not disturb the school transportation.
  • Late arrivals will have to register in the reception.


  • Parents are expected to pick their children only from  Gate -1 (parents waiting area)
  • Students must carry their ‘Own Transport’ ID cards daily with them.
  • Students must be picked on time,
  • After school hours children safety is completely parents’ responsibility since we do not have any facility to support extended stay beyond school ours.

For moreinformation in Guidelines, kindly refer here

 Should you have any feedback regarding our service, kindly email us to or contact Transport Officer Mr. Ravi Mobile:  050- 6335453