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Scope 2021

  • Scope 2021

    The Middle School students of JSSIS participated in SCOPE 2021, an interschool competition which was organized by The GEMS Legacy School, formerly known as The Kindergarten Starters. There were four categories in which the students participated namely More Than A Thousand Words, Design the Line, It All Started When… and Mark Up.

    More Than A Thousand Words was an art competition where a team of three students together worked on a painting. Our team of Kaitlyn Asmita-Gr 8C, Dishita Dabbas-Gr 8D, and Rashmi Verma of 7C won the First Runners Up Position.

    Design The Line was a competition where students had to use sustainable materials to create a garment that the world’s top designers would want in their stores and on their ramps. Our team of Ashwika  Ponnagandla-Gr 7E and Aisha Elham Assif-Gr 7E won the First Runners Up Position