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School Governance


“Arive Guru” –meaning “Enlightenment is the teacher” said Jagadguru Shri Basaveshwar, a Great Philosopher of 12th century from Karnataka in India which is true even in in the 21st Century.

JSS group a leading global educator has roots in this philosophy and proud to be from the same land. We at JSS International School (JSSIS), Dubai with a vision of “Relating Education to Life” are on a mission to prepare the children to 21 st century global citizens with keen sense of commitment, self-confidence and social responsibility.

The JSS Mahavidyapeetha (JSSMVP) Mysore, is a century old education movement has been continuously expanding the scope of its diversity to several branches of knowledge, welfare, and culture.  The culturally responsive instruction in the classroom is the mantra be it in teaching elementary school, middle school, high school, and graduate or post graduate students.

Last 2 years Education sector has seen many challenges and at JSS we have come out strongly from the global crisis by adapting to the new normal with our motto of “Above, Ahead and beyond”.

Post the difficult days now it is time for celebration particularly here in   Dubai as “Expo 2020” a global event happening with focus on sustainability, mobility and opportunity as themes which are the buzzwords of the future.

In addition, 2nd December 2021 marks the golden jubilee celebrations of the formation of the United Arab Emirates, that day is rightly recognized by UNESCO as “International Future Day” in view of the fact that futuristic thinking is the hallmark of this country and the rulers of this nation.

The UAE is exceptionally diverse when it comes to people and cultures. As expats in the UAE, we all have the chance to prosper in a country that cares wholeheartedly about the wellbeing and comfort of its diverse group of individuals.

A paradigm shift has happened in the way one looks at the concept of education. The expectations have changed and the challenges are multifaceted. From the beginning, JSSIS has emphasized that following an Indian curriculum does not stop its students from nurturing universal values and transitioning from young leaders to global citizens.

Let us congratulate the nation and ourselves for being part of this great country on this occasion and commit for a fantastic future.

Mr. Govindrao Naik

School Governance

Every school has a School Governance Council (SGC) that enables parents, staff, students, and the community to work together in providing continued analysis and improvement of school policies, curriculum, school improvement plan goals, and general student well-being.

The Council aims to involve the school community/ stakeholders in the school governance to strengthen and support education in the community.


The School Governance Council of JSS International School seeks to collaboratively function with school staff and the entire school community in assimilating learning resources into the improvement processes of the school to ensure continuous enhancement of student learning outcomes and the students’ holistic development.


  • To provide able, responsible and cost-effective governance of the school.
  • Maximize student outcomes based on individual requirements.
  • To provide a safe, happy and healthy learning environment that is free of bullying.
  • Deliver the highest level facilities within our means.
  • Operate within a culture of continuous improvement with teachers, staff and students.
  • The maintenance of order and discipline at the school.
  • The promotion of the highest possible quality of education to the learners of the school.
  • Provide an opportunity to develop a partnership between the school and school community for holistic development of all students.
  • Exercising of all the rights, powers and responsibilities of the governing body as imposed by the strategic goals of KHDA, goals of the Ministry of Education of UAE and CISCE Affiliation by Laws.
  • The development and promotion of the responsibility of parents, educators, other staff members and learners for the organization.
  • Exercising of all the rights, powers and responsibilities of the governing body as imposed by the strategic goals of KHDA, goals of the Ministry of Education of UAE and CISCE Affiliation by Laws
  • The development and promotion of the responsibility of parents, educators, other staff members and learners for the organization.


The Governing Council has identified the following key strategies to achieve its objectives:

Strategy 1 – Teacher support and staff development

The Governing Council supports the professional development and continuous improvement of teaching and ancillary staff. This includes a commitment to understanding individual needs, supporting innovative practice and the provision of additional resources and facilities where required

Strategy 2 – Communication

The Governing Council recognizes the important role the broader community plays & to support this relationship regular communication including celebration of achievements, opportunities for the community to get involved, and transparency around decision making, is a priority.

Strategy 3 – Integrated Approach

The Governing Council supports an integrated approach to decision making regarding education outcomes and the upgrading and maintenance of facilities at the school. This includes the immediate and longer term needs of students, teachers and staff, and the broader community.

Strategy 4 – Governance

The Governing Council is committed to establishing and maintaining a clear and effective governance framework.


1. Name

The name of the governing body is the Governance Council of JSS International School (hereinafter referred to as "the governing body").

2. Status

2.1 The Governance Council of JSS International School (hereinafter referred to as "the school"), a juristic person, is in accordance with the strategic goals of KHDA, goals of the Ministry of Education of UAE and the CISCE.

3. Membership

3.1 The Governing Council to consist eminent professionals from different walks of life, who contribute to the success of the school with their different skills and experience.

6. Meetings

6.1 The governing body meets as regularly as circumstances require but not less than once every school quarter.

6.2 The chairperson has discretion to convene meetings of the governing body and to determine the date, time and venue thereof but he is obliged, if requested to do so in writing by at least four members of the governing body, to convene a meeting of the governing body.

6.3 The secretary or someone else instructed by the chairperson must give at least fourteen days' (or such shorter period as the governing body may unanimously approve) notice of any meetings of the governing body and such notice must be given to all members of the governing body.

6.4 In the case of a matter which the chairperson considers to be urgent, only 24 hours prior notice of a meeting need be given to the members of the governing body.

6.5 Unless unanimously agreed otherwise by the governing body, notices of all meetings of the governing body must be in writing and accompanied by the following:

6.5.1 An agenda;

6.5.2 The minutes of the previous meeting; if applicable;

6.5.3 All other information that is reasonably required to enable members of the governing body to prepare properly for the meeting.

6.6 The secretary or such other person appointed for this purpose by the governing body, records the proceedings at all governing body meetings. If requested to do so, the secretary will provide a copy of the minutes to the Head of the Provincial Education Department.

6.7 Anyone who is not a member of the governing body may, by invitation of the governing body, attend a governing body meeting and may take part in the discussions and may address the governing body should the duties of the governing body require it. Such person will however not have a vote during the meeting and has to leave the meeting when the governing body so decides.

6.8 The majority of the number of members of the governing body forms a quorum for any meeting of the governing body.

6.9 A member of the governing body must excuse himself from a meeting of the governing body for the duration of any discussion and decision-taking on any matter in which such member has a personal interest.

7. Members residing in Dubai

Members residing in Dubai will meet once in two months to monitor school’s progress and provide support through CEO’s meetings.