Message from the Supervisor


A warm welcome to the JSS International School’s Kindergarten Phase!

At JSSIS, we believe that ‘a happy child is a successful one’.

All our children need to be nurtured and we do that by providing a positive, safe and stimulating environment where all children are valued. We intend that all children should enjoy their learning, achieve their potential and become independent life-long learners. At the very onset our goal has always been to equip our bright Kindergarteners with the skills and mindset to thrive and then take on the world. Our vision is for each child to develop a curiosity of learning, discover their interests and help them grow in their love for learning. The Kindergarten phase at JSS International School helps to prepare children for a rapidly changing world. It strives to instil in them critical thinking skills, a global perspective and embed respect for core values of empathy, compassion and honesty. We strongly believe that our Kindergarteners will have success today and be prepared for tomorrow.

I look forward to working with you for the benefit of your children. The parent-school partnership is something I firmly endorse and aim that, together; we can provide the very best educational experience for all our students. I welcome you all to visit us at our school and experience the exuberant energy flowing in our classrooms.

– Ms. Nita Gadoya

Core Focus

The core focus in our Kindergarten Phase lies at the heart of our teaching methodology wherein the attention is on the overall growth and development of the child. Our curriculum facilitates learning in all spheres of life and begins at an early age. The pre-academic focus is on developing basic literacy and numeracy through naturalistic daily activities such as interacting with nature and developing the foundations of reading, writing and phonological skills.

Our Kindergarten program employs a language-rich curriculum model including features such as interactive circle times and pretend-play, to enable children to develop their expression and receptive language skills. We surround children with opportunities to explore different forms of pre-literacy experiences which are fun and engaging. Our teachers ensure that all aspects of the classroom are print rich with things that promote an interest in reading and writing, as well as listening, speaking and viewing.

Our curriculum also helps to develop children’s movement skills and confidence and trust in themselves and their bodies. We place a high priority on physical development in both in the outdoor playground, and in the classrooms. Our rich curriculum also encompasses our emphasis of education in human values where children get a sense of culture of their peers, share in each other’s customs, and work with other children. Through it, children develop a foundation for compassion, empathy, and healthy social interaction with others.

Curriculum Overview

JSSIS’s Kindergarten phase follows an eclectic blend of EYFS and the dynamic Ontario curriculum which aims to provide a meaningful child centred and play based content. It helps nurture and facilitate life skills, independence, confidence and resilience. The rationale of the curriculum is strong and supports each child in achieving their potential and enables them to make a smooth transition to school and society itself.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework focuses on the seven Areas of Learning:

  • Communication and Language.
  • Physical Development.
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
  • Literacy.
  • Mathematics.
  • Understanding the World.
  • Expressive Arts and Design.


Investigation Based Learning and Sensorial Lessons: We at JSSIS’s Kindergarten take pride in offering quality education through our innovative best practices of Investigation Based Learning (IBL) and Sensorial lessons that helps to ignite the spark of curiosity amongst young students to encourage high end thinking and critical questioning skills. Our tailor made lesson plans include an innovative, emergent approach that comes mostly in the form of investigation based learning activities. The topics are based age-appropriately on what an individual or a group of children are talking about or from a teacher’s observation of the things that help to capture a child’s imagination and interestand might be explored through hands-on real life learning experiences independently. Each child is provided enough stimulation for imaginative thinking to help them to discover in their unique creative ways and showcase their ‘out of the box’ ideas.

Read Aloud Sessions: Our Read Aloud sessions help to transport students to a world of imagination and creativity with no boundaries. Every week, the teacher picks up an age-appropriate story that connects very well with the main topic of other core subjects and uses that story to enhance student’s listening and language skills. Children are exposed to a variety of new vocabulary that they are encouraged to use frequently in their everyday communication. They are also encouraged to create their own stories using the same characters, enact the story events or create story maps. Our classrooms are completely child led as the teachers encourage children to develop on their leadership skills and initiate conversations about the story conducted. The experience to be a part of such vibrant lessons is truly magical.


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