Student Council

Like the rain drops that pour from the vast and breathtaking sky, so do the efforts of the members of our student council.  These efforts flow towards building a strong foundation that not only proves as a guide for the younger generation but also a platform that helps them to learn from and create mistakes that shape their future in the world. Culminating both teamwork and leadership skills they prove that change can start from the smallest of platforms and carry onto engulfing the entire world.

JSSIS student council elected this year (2023) on the 2nd June, is a highly profiled and integrated student body that provides an insider into the management, leadership and opportunity grasping skills.

As leadership knows no age, at JSSIS, we have three levels at which our students wield their leadership power- Primary council, Secondary council and the Senior council. The students, throughout their academic year represent their fellow students and hone their leadership skills as they lead the school to one more successful year