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I believe that after the information revolution our responsibility towards our children’s education has become even more challenging.The need of the day is to equip our children with critical thinking and practical skills so that they can be useful contributors to a global society in the 21st century.

For this, educators have to be innovative and exploit all tools that Information Technology provides. Even social networking has to be adapted and linked to classroom learning.The many studies on the academic success story of Asian immigrants makes one pause and take a hard look at the Eastern Education system that does not rely much on technology.

Parental expectation and involvement, strong family values and the desire to succeed in life in a competitive environment is the Eastern contribution to successful education .If we can link the Western pedagogy and their best practices to the Eastern belief and value system, we would be on track to make our pupils global citizens in a continuously evolving world.



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JSS International School2 days ago
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The much-awaited speaking activity, "Just A Minute" (JAM), began with great enthusiasm in Grade 2 in April. The students have started speaking confidently and are learning to organize their thoughts while speaking, under the guidance of teachers. The activity that spreads over April ,May, and June will facilitate building confidence and turn the students into expressive orators

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JSS International School3 days ago
💛Master Rishi Tej Jagdish from KG2-C
completed the ride of 3 km in 20 minutes in the Spinneys junior cycle ride.

💛 He backed the record in OMG books of record in general knowledge (GK) of age category of 4 to 6 division answering maximum questions in 5 mins.

💛 He is an animal lover and works towards welfare and development of animals Bannerghatta zoo , Bangalore. Every birthday he contributes his saving into the zoo development and devotes a day in feeding his adopted animals.
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JSS International School5 days ago
JSS International School raises the bar with a stellar performance.

It is an absolute pleasure to share the remarkable success the students have achieved in their recent ICSE and ISC exams – surpassing all expectations and creating new benchmarks.
Of the 104 students who appeared for the ICSE exam, 56 students have scored above 90%, and of the 74 students who appeared for the ISC exam, 37 students secured above 90%..

Aishwarya Sinha topped the ICSE with a whopping 99%.
She was elated by the result and said, “ I am delighted that my consistent efforts paid off. I never lost sight of my goal and stayed focused on achieving the best in every test. To refresh myself, I would take to my passion - coding. I am grateful to God, my parents, and my teachers for supporting me throughout this memorable journey”.

Suhani Sharma, the ISC topper with an impressive 97% was overjoyed. She reflected :“My aim this year was solely to see myself grow in areas I felt were hindering me from realising my potential. I reflected over my tendencies of procrastination, and it took me the better part of two years to nudge myself slowly, but surely, in the direction I envisaged for myself. Adhering to that vision, it was a journey I learned a lot from, by putting in consistent effort, and training myself to keep a positive attitude by detaching myself from the results, which really helped me grow in a holistic manner.”

What is commendable is how year after year, more and more students are surpassing our expectations and creating new benchmarks.

A celebratory moment this year is also the brilliant performance of our students with varied needs. Thanks to the provision from CISCE and the collaborated effort of the student, parent and the inclusion team, it was heartwarming to see the students happy and confident during the exams.
Overall, the outstanding results reflect exceptional teaching and great learning environment created by the tireless efforts of the students, the dedicated commitment of the teachers, the unwavering support of the parents and the school management. All have provided invaluable support in helping build an atmosphere where students can thrive and maximize their potential.
“This achievement is surely not the end. We will continue to build upon the momentum and strive for even higher level of excellence providing our students with the best possible educational experience” said Ms. Lata Nakra, Principal of JSS International School.
“Heartfelt congratulations to every student, parent, teacher and member of the school management for your commitment. You helped to make a difference. I am honored to be part of this remarkable community of learners” said Ms. Nakra

ICSE Highlights -
No. of students appeared - 104
Pass percentage - 100
No. of students secured 90% and above - 56
Percentage of students secured 90% and above - 53.8
No. of Centum - 40
School Average - 86.7

ICSE School toppers -
Aishwarya Raj Sinha Topper – 99 %
Jash Sandeep Mehta 2nd Highest –98.8%
Unnati Ashok Panchal 3rd Highest –98.6%

ISC Highlights -
No. of students appeared -74
Pass percentage - 100
No. of students secured 90% and above - 37
No. of Centum - 03
School Average - 86.28

ISC School toppers -
SUHANI SHARMA Topper – 97 %
ATHARVA DEEPAK LAGAD 2nd Highest – 96.5 %
SUNAINA REJI BAKER 3rd Highest – 96 %
PINGALI BHANU SOHAN 3rd Highest – 96 %
SHRESTHI KUMAR 3rd Highest – 96 %
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JSS International School
JSS International School5 days ago
“It’s not about having all the answers-it’s about having the right questions and knowing how and of whom to ask them.” - Ben Woo’06

JSSIS Alumni Talk

An alumni talk was organized by the IKIGAI Department of Inclusion and Guidance on Wednesday, 1st May 2024 for the students of the secondary phase for a rendezvous on college applications, personal experiences of choosing dream careers, and navigating smoothly through high school journeys.

This was an inaugural college Prep 101 session that thrived, featuring esteemed speakers: former school captain Nidhi Pamnani, principal representative Kavyaa Parmar, and Tagore House Captain Adam Faiyaz.

This interactive session gave valuable insights to our aspiring students on their career journeys! Students can look forward to many more upcoming sessions of College Prep 101 which will be conducted online throughout May to instill university readiness in our students

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JSS International School7 days ago
In KG2 -UOW, this week was all about my family, roles, and responsibilities. Next up, we are getting ready for the J.A.M. Session - a platform to share

and assimilate their understanding and become confident speakers.

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JSS International School
JSS International School1 week ago
That’s fantastic news! 🎉

We are happy to announce that the JSS International School athletes participated in the UAE National Athletics Meet 2024 on Saturday, 27/04/2024 at Gems American Academy, Dubai. With 19 athletes representing our school, it’s quite an impressive achievement.

Many of them have qualified for the Grand Final which will be held in Abu Dhabi in the month of May 2024

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You (the teacher) were not just a teacher, a listener, helper, coach, and cheerleader as well. The past week was full of all fun and enlightened activities which definitely proved booster for our little ones. You seasoned our children very well, and now that they are ready to go out in the real world. As a parent, I simply admire the work and thank you for all the support and dedicated hard work shown by you.

Ms.Mridulla Anand, Parent

Mr. Swapnil, Parent, M/o Aarayna – KG 1 'A'

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