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I believe that after the information revolution our responsibility towards our children’s education has become even more challenging.The need of the day is to equip our children with critical thinking and practical skills so that they can be useful contributors to a global society in the 21st century.

For this, educators have to be innovative and exploit all tools that Information Technology provides. Even social networking has to be adapted and linked to classroom learning.The many studies on the academic success story of Asian immigrants makes one pause and take a hard look at the Eastern Education system that does not rely much on technology.

Parental expectation and involvement, strong family values and the desire to succeed in life in a competitive environment is the Eastern contribution to successful education .If we can link the Western pedagogy and their best practices to the Eastern belief and value system, we would be on track to make our pupils global citizens in a continuously evolving world.



JSS International School

Inspiring and educating pupil to make a difference
JSS International School
JSS International School1 day ago
On January 30th and 31St, the young changemakers of Grade 2 unveiled the secrets of the various ecosystems through the educational excursion organized to the Expo City. The inquisitive minds got an insight into the forest's secrets and hands-on experience of experimentation. The trip culminated in an informative note and made the young learners fill their baggage with varied knowledge.

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JSS International School
JSS International School4 days ago
✨ Cultivating Positivity in Grade 1! 🌈 Our shining stars of 1-F took the stage to share the power of positive thinking in real life. They were beaming with joy, confidence, and positivity as they shared their learning from the book 'The Dot' by Peter H. Reynolds... from scripting their lines to artistic creativities from their learnings in the classrooms ...culminating on to the stage as confident speakers.

☀️💫 #PowerofPositiveThinking #positiveminds #Grade1-F Rocks

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JSS International School
JSS International School5 days ago
Grade 1 Inventors Day: Where Creativity Takes Flight! 🚀 Witness the magic of young minds as they turn simple materials into innovative wonders. From popsicle tweezers to shadow projectors, our students' creativity knows no bounds! 🎨✨ #InventorsDay #CreativeKids #YoungInnovators"
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JSS International School
JSS International School
JSS International School5 days ago
Grade 1E's assembly overflowed with heartfelt gratitude, thanking all who've lit their path and acknowledging every hand that's helped them rise. 🌟 #Gratitude 🌟 #Gratitude #Community"

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JSS International School
JSS International School1 week ago
Nishanth Nireshbabu from Grade 8F participated in 1st Development Champions Swimming cup on 10th February, 2024 in Dubai Hamdan Sports Complex and bagged the following medals:

1, 50m Breaststroke - silver medal

2, 100m Breaststroke - silver medal

3, 50m Freestyle - Bronze medal

4, 50m Butterfly - Bronze medal

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JSS International School
JSS International School1 week ago
"Carnival Spectacle: A Day of Fun, Games, and Memories!"

On Saturday, 10th of February, JSSIS school ground came alive with laughter, excitement, and a burst of vibrant colors during this year's highly anticipated event – the school Carnival. Organized by a dedicated team of students, teachers, and parent volunteers, the carnival promised a day filled with thrilling games, delicious treats, and unforgettable memories. The heart of the carnival lay in its diverse range of entertainment and games. There was something for everyone. The excited chatter of children and the competitive spirit of teenagers echoed through the air as they tried their luck at the various games to win fantastic prizes. The food court was a heaven for gastronomic delights, offering a diverse menu that catered to all tastes. Families gathered enjoying delicious treats and sharing stories as they refueled for more carnival adventures. The carnival featured a stage that hosted a variety of captivating performances throughout the evening. From talented student bands and dance troupes to teachers’ and parents’ performances showcasing the incredible talents within the school community. The audience was treated to a visual and auditory feast that added an extra layer of entertainment to the event. The school Carnival was not just an event; it was a celebration of togetherness, creativity, and the vibrant spirit that makes the school community truly special. Until next year's extravaganza, the echoes of laughter and the vibrant colors of the carnival would linger in the hearts of all who attended.

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You (the teacher) were not just a teacher, a listener, helper, coach, and cheerleader as well. The past week was full of all fun and enlightened activities which definitely proved booster for our little ones. You seasoned our children very well, and now that they are ready to go out in the real world. As a parent, I simply admire the work and thank you for all the support and dedicated hard work shown by you.

Ms.Mridulla Anand, Parent

Mr. Swapnil, Parent, M/o Aarayna – KG 1 'A'

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