On India’s Engineers’ Day, observed on the 15th of September, the ‘Spark Summit 2023’ was organized, and this grand event garnered enthusiastic participation from the Middle and secondary students of JSS International School (JSSIS), marking a proud moment in their academic journey.

The inauguration of this remarkable event was graced by the esteemed presence of key figures, including the Chief Executive Officer, Vice-Principal, Headmaster, Supervisor, distinguished judges, dedicated teachers, and the spirited students of JSSIS.

Students exhibited their ingenuity both individually and in teams, employing various engineering principles to craft functional and conceptual models, programming solutions, and artistic sketches. Their innovative endeavors were centered around addressing tangible real-world challenges through the utilization of sustainable resources. JSSIS takes immense pride in its students’ contributions, which resonate with the global commitment to combat climate change, as exemplified by COP 28.