Message from the Supervisor


‘Living in this world is about leaving the world better than when you came in, it’s about making a difference.’

Courageous insights, clear perspectives and transformative practices are the hallmarks of learning at JSSIS. Building a successful tomorrow must begin with the right foundation, especially in the Primary Phase. We prepare our students for success through innovation and the implementation of well-researched twenty-first-century learning methodologies in and beyond the classroom. The holistic approach in learning at the Primary Phase transforms our students, who in turn make a difference in the society and in the world. Every student is unique and our Primary Phase provides opportunities for each student a foundation for personal development. Furthermore, we engage students with the real world data, tools, and experts they encounter in future. Students, through personalized learning, learn to integrate specific skills, knowledge and expertise, combined with innovative support systems that will help students master the multi-dimensional abilities.

Our primary students are independent and confident who are better equipped to take on any challenge and responsibilities that come their way.

– Ms. Vandana Dhar



The Primary School curriculum is structured around a holistic, personalized, and inquiry-based approach to learning, guided by the CISCE and Ministry of Education, UAE. The curriculum rationale is based on the school vision- Relating Education to Life. The overall curriculum is based on developing, supporting, and mastering both content and skills. The students develop the cognitive, academic, emotional, and physical competencies that they need to possess in this 21st century. At the primary level, the emphasis is on multiple skill development, encouraging students to think creatively and critically by adopting varied instructional strategies. We acknowledge that every child is unique and all our methods and strategies cater to the needs of every child. Learning center approach in the lower primary and hands-on activities/experiential learning in the upper primary encourage students to experience learning in a better way and thereby providing a holistic development. Our programme combines the best of traditional and innovative practices to achieve quality teaching for effective learning. The primary programme is dynamic, challenging, personalized and a joyful learning experience that helps students relish education and grow in age-appropriate ways.



Innovation – Young minds with their novel ideas at work: New ideas are always welcomed and innovators are every time encouraged. Possibilities for fresh ideas in our Innovation Lab make our young minds curious. Our young innovators are all agog to create their own working models in our labs.

Making Learning Visible: Making Learning Visible, the show of the year, encouraged students in meta-cognition, thereby being independent learners, develop the skill to be future decision-makers and best competent global citizens. MLV focuses on knowledge acquired through learning and its practical application in real-life situations

JSS Souq: Our budding entrepreneurs’ real-life experience in the world of business is made possible by the introduction of ‘JSS Souq’ which gives prominence to experiential learning. It has created interest and enthusiasm in them to know more about entrepreneurship.

Diplomathon Global Primary: The introduction of Diplomathon Global Primary Edition, where students represent different countries exclusively, has created a new wave in experiential learning.